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Mitrofanovsky Open Joint-Stock Company Promavtoremont (Mechanical Repair Factory) is engaged in manufacturing manure loaders TSN-3.0 V, TSN-160 , RUN-800-25, feed distributors KTF-9, spare parts to carriers and in repairing car engines of line UAZ-469, as well as other engines. The factory assets: 30 transportation units, among them cargo and specialized units 24, bus 1, cars 5.

For the needs of agricultural enterprises and farms the factory annually is engaged in manufacturing non-standard equipment, accessories and spare parts. The bay for casting pig-iron and steel in electric furnaces makes castings for factory needs reducer case parts, as well as for the needs of the population oven castings, etc. Orders can be placed for the casting of any parts from pig-iron, the weight should not exceed 300 kg. In the bay for manufacturing axles to manure loaders TSN-3.V there operates a screw mill that enables to meet the needs of the factory's production and to make axles for spare parts to order. The production line for the sunflower oil of the premium quality meets orders from agricultural enterprises and the population for processing sunflower seeds. The garments and linen section produces:

  • for the needs of the factory (work wear- overalls, two-piece garments, quilted jackets, work mittens);
  • for the population (flannel shirts for men, dresses and dressing gowns for women, bed linen, night-dresses, men's shorts, etc.)
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