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The factory renovates and repairs:
  • units and assemblies for car UAZ ()-469;
  • engine UAZ-451 and ZMZ ()-53;
  • crankshafts for all brands of engines;
  • blocks, cylinder sleeves;
  • spare parts for agricultural machines and mechanisms.

The factory produces: :

  • scraper carriers (TSN-3.0V, TSN-2 0V, TSN-160V) and spare parts to them;;
  • tractor feeders (KTF-9) and spare parts to them;
  • fertilizer dispensers (mounted — RUN-800.25);
  • dynamic balancing of crankshafts, cardan shafts of cars and tractors;
  • oven casting and other forms of casting (pig-iron, steel) to order;
  • heat treatment of metals.


  • automatic pig-iron drinker PA-2M;
  • cotton garments and linen;
  • unrefined sunflower oil of premium quality.
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